The process:

  • Sand cooler and rinse with warm water to remove any debris. 
  • Cover wheels and handles with blue painter’s tape to avoid any unwanted primer or paint spills. 
  • Prime cooler with 2-3 coats of white Krylon Fusion primer - it dries quickly and usually takes the place of sanding. 
  • Print designs and quotes you intend to use on the cooler and trace on tissue or transfer paper. 
  • Use blue painter’s tape to attach design to side of cooler and trace with dark Sharpie extra-fine oil-based paint pen. As you remove the tissue paper, the paint pen will have left a faint outline of the design on the cooler that you can then outline and paint. 
  • Use Sharpie permanent markers for fine print. 
  • Seal with Outdoor Mod Podge Spray - Gloss Finish.